Bedford Paranormal

List of Adventures

This is just a list of places we've traveled to - so far. Of course we can't include any investigations we've conducted at private locations in order to respect the privacy of those involved.

The Stanley Hotel -

Old South Pittsburg Hospital -

Grahams Forge Mansion -

Ferry Plantation -

Randolph College -

Transallegheny Lunatic Asylum - 

Flinderation Tunnel -

Cave on Private Land

Hog Pen

Moundsville Prison -

Poor House Road Tunnel -

Sailors Creek -

Lowes Hotel -

The Myrtles -

Jean Bonnet Tavern -

Metaphysical Church -

Battleship USS North Carolina -

Prospect Place -

Avenel Plantation -

Cold Harbor Battlefield -

Fort Mifflin -

Old Kentucky Theater -

St Albans -

Rheine River Inn

Carter's Tavern -

Sweet Briar College -

Waverly Hills Sanatorium -

Ohio State -

Exchange Hotel -

Nickerson Snead House -

Winton County Club (Sarah Henry Manor) -

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