Bedford Paranormal
Photos of possible paranormal objects can cause controversy and confusion as to what is real and what is an example of the will to believe. The paranormal world is real and occasionally proof of it is captured in photos or video. However sometimes photo results can fool us if we look more with emotion and a strong desire to find evidence rather than a patient examination of all evidence.  For example we recently had a member capture what seemed to be a face in an old mirror. Close examination of the mirror showed some stains and discoloring that caused the image. Another hot topic these days is the capturing of orbs in a photo. I can't remember hearing about orbs before the digital camera started becoming popular. I certainly don't claim to be an expert in any sense, but I can't help but feel that most orbs are the reflections dust or water droplets. I try to set up video cameras that can see in low light and avoid using any flash on single shot cameras. Not only does the flash cause some false positives in photos it ruins the night vision of those with you. We all get photos of "possible" paranormal activity, but our group tries to go further. We want a photo or video to be as clear as possible. Rather than saying we might have something, we want to feel more confident in saying we have something or not.  
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