Bedford Paranormal
Sweet Briar Final
As Joe and I arrived at the perimeter of the Sweet Briar Plantation Burial Ground Joe recorded this EVP. It sounds as if someone whispers "paper".

Possible Evidence of Paranormal Activity at Sweet Briar College


Multiple, yet unclear short conversations were recorded in the Music department of Babcock Theater. As we entered the lower level of the Music dept I was walking in front with Joe behind. My recorder picked up several short recordings of a seemingly muffled conversation. During this time Joe’s voice and mine are very clear. We attempted to filter them, but could not make them clear enough to be understood.

Joe recorded a clear voice in the Slave Graveyard that says “paper” before Joe starts to talk. As Joe begins to speak the voice says something again which we cannot make out. Is the voice really saying paper as we think, or could it be some word of African origin or a slang word that we are unfamiliar with? We included a CD with this recording on it with the report.


Anyone who knows me well knows that I consider most orbs caught in photos as probable dust or mist such as light rain. However there were two photos taken in the Theater that seemed unusual and were included in the report.  The first was taken by Joe with my Sony Cyber-shot. It shows me sitting in the Lee Room with several orbs around me. The unusual orb appears close to me in the doorway. The second one is one I took in the lower level of the Theater looking into a large room where backdrops and scenery was stored. A bright red orb appears in the lower right hand corner of the shot. Two control shots were taken from the same location that contained no orbs.


While reviewing the video from the Museum I noticed several orbs floating around and wrote them off to dust until I saw one that traveled the length of the hallway in a seemingly constant line. We included a copy of this video in the report.

Equipment Used During the Paranormal Investigation at Sweet Briar College

August 22nd 2009

Sony Voice Recorder model ICD-U60

Sony Voice Recorder model ICD-PX720

Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera model DSC-P73

Panasonic Camcorder model SDR-H60P

Sony Digital 8 Handy cam with night shot model DCR-TRV350

2.4GHz Wireless DVR & Quad Infrared Camera System.

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