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The Ferry Plantation
The Ferry Plantation
The Ferry Plantation is located in Virginia Beach. I had first learned of this historic home from a friend of mine named Teddy Skyler. Teddy is a paranormal investigator in Virginia Beach. Unfortunately Teddy would not be joining us for the investigation due to the passing of her mother. I had first met her when she was the master of ceremonies at a paranormal convention in Richmond several years ago.
Members present were Alan, Amy, Georgia, and BeeJay. Peggy and I arrived in the area a day early to enjoy the beach and Amy's family did the same. Georgia and BeeJay would meet up with us on the evening of the investigation.
The main part of the house was built in 1830 and is located in an impressive residential neighborhood on the Lynnhaven river.  As the name suggests the plantation was named for a ferry service that operated on the Lynnhaven river. The local Native Americans had cleared the area the home is on in the 1500's. There is a Native American burial ground in an area behind the home, but we didn't notice any markings or signs of exactly where it was. There is also a large American sycamore behind the home where a hanging had taken place. In documents from the Walke Manor House three slaves were hanged from it. The tree was struck by lightning at one point and lost it's crown, but it still looks healthy today. We were told we were welcome to view and photograph the tree, but that there was a curfew in effect which we respected. At the time of our visit the front porch was being restored. Many of the bricks in the home were salvaged from a home on the site that been destroyed by fire.
We arrived at 7pm and were met by Belinda Nash. She gave us a very interesting tour of the home and grounds. We decided to have a look at the hanging tree first in order to honor the curfew. It was hollow and obviously very old. We took some photos and had our voice recorders running.
We returned to the Ferry Plantation and started to set up the equipment. Amy brought her low light camera that she hooked up to a monitor and recorder. We were setting it up to record anything in the first room on the right as you entered the front of the home. This room has a fireplace, book shelves, and appears to have possibly been a parlor. During the tour of the home we were shown a very old leather box placed on the fireplace mantle. The box had been sent with it's contents to another state many years ago and had made it's way back to the plantation. There had been many reports of an apparition of a woman crossing the room and reaching for the leather box.  We set up the camera and were trying to insert the tape when we immediately saw a large orb coming towards the camera and enter the hall where we were. Amy and I could only see it in the monitor, but BeeJay who was in the room saw it clearly and called out where it was as it came to the hallway. We recorder countless orbs traveling in different directions, but none were as bright and as large as that first one. Amy, Georgia, and BeeJay sat in the room and the hallway looking into the room in an attempt to discover any natural cause for these orbs.
I then went upstairs to the gift shop on the second floor and set up a video camera. We had been told on the tour that a lady has been seen walking across the room. After I was satisfied that the room was covered well, I went back downstairs to set up a low light camcorder in the kitchen. I was hoping to capture the servant that occasionally walks across the room and to the left of the fireplace as if to serve someone in the dining room. After a little over an hour of recording and listening we decided to retrieve the camera in the gift shop and place it in a room beyond the parlor where the orbs were appearing. We had been told reports of shadows moving about in this room. This room had period furniture in it along with a chess board in the center of the room. The camera was capable of recording for 14 hours and I placed it near the first sofa you come to as you enter the room. It looked towards the chess board and a window in the front of the house. I set it to record and left the room closing the double doors behind me.
We decided to go to the third floor where the Nanny's room had been. She had died when she was descending the stairs, catching her heel on her dress and falling. It was a small room and we sat quietly listening to the occasional sounds of movement from across the hall. The room across the hall was set up as an office with several computers. I sat in the Nanny's room where I could see into the office, but could not see anything move or anything out of the ordinary. When we would walk into the room, the noise would stop and if we went back into the Nanny's room it would start again after 5 minutes or so. It was hot in this room and after about an hour I decided to go to the ground floor and get a can drink. Amy asked me to bring her one back. I used my flashlight to light the way and didn't see or hear anything until I reached the first floor hallway. The house was dark except for my light and I suddenly felt a strong feeling of being watched from the area of where the orbs had been seen earlier in the night. I stopped in the hall and kept my light to the ground. I could hear voices. They weren't loud enough to be understood, so I tried to remain still, cut my light out and listened. After what seemed like a long time but was probably only about a minute it stopped. The feeling of being watched was gone as well. I was hoping the camcorder in the room where the sounds seemed to originate from was capturing something. I waited another minute or so and the crossed the hall into the dining room and then into the kitchen. I retrieved two can drinks from the refrigerator and slowly made my way back upstairs to the others. I told them about the voices and they said that nothing unusual had happened during my absence.
Amy asked some questions of any spirits in the home and we hoped to record some EVPs. We decided to return to the main floor where most of the activity seemed to be centered. It was now close to midnight. Georgia and BeeJay decided to call it a night. Amy and I watched them as they made their way to the car and them and then returned to the house. We decided to sit in the parlor room and attempt for EVPs. We asked questions and waited a minute or so after each one for any answer. I sat next to the book shelf and Amy sat near the underside of the staircase. After about a half hour we decided to simply wait quietly in the dark. A little after 1 am we decided to call it a night. We gathered up all of our cameras and equipment. Then we made a sweep of the home to ensure everything was exactly as we had found it including secured exterior doors. We exited the home through the kitchen and left after turning in the yard to look at the home one last time.
After we returned home I noticed something very odd on one of my cameras. It was the camcorder that I had left in the room with the chess board. It should have had about 3 1/2 hours of video on it. On this camcorder there is separate file created each time the camera is stopped and started. There were two files from this room. As I watched the first one it stopped after a few minutes. I could see myself setting it up and adjusting the direction of view and then I could hear myself walk away on the wood floors and close the double doors. It stopped a few minutes after that. At first I thought the camera had malfunctioned and simply turned off. I knew it wasn't a battery issue since I had it plugged directly in a wall socket. I started to watch the second file and wondered why there was a second file since no one was in the room to start it. I could see the camera stopping by itself, but not restarting. I didn't notice anything unusual on the clip and after a few minutes I heard the doors to the room open and someone walking. It was Amy and myself returning to the room at the end of the night to retrieve the equipment. Why were there two files on the recorder and how did it restart itself? We had collect a lot of video of orbs and I did hear voices. With such a rich history the Ferry Plantation is a very unusual home. If your group want to visit the Ferry Plantation and decide for yourselves what is there you can send an email from the contact link on  their web site or send one to Teddy. Her email address is

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